The Liberty Patriot

The greatest possession a human being owns is Liberty, it is also the most neglected, abused and ignored possession we own. Our nations founding was based upon the belief that governments primary purpose was to protect and defend Liberty. Since our nations founding the struggle between the governments authority and the citizens right to individual Liberty has never stopped. Over the course of time, individual Liberty has been sacrificed on the altar of government provision and entitlements. We are now in a position where the Liberty our founders envisioned, and fought for, is barely recognizable from the Liberty we are trying to restore today. We are on the precipice, teetering on the edge of losing what Liberty we have left and we must begin the process of pulling back from the edge.

This process will not occur overnight as Liberty has not been injured by a direct attack but rather Liberty is dying the death of a thousand cuts. Government has sliced away for generations at Liberty all under the guise of a paternal mentality of “providing for” the average citizen. This site was created to help all lovers of Liberty and Patriots to become more effective in the effort to restore Liberty first in the hearts of the citizen while learning how to affect a change in our government and the political process.

Please help us by sharing this site with others and contributing to the sites content. We have so much to do and very little time to get it done so join us in our effort. If there is no greater cause then Liberty, then there should be no greater effort applied to restore it.

Securing the Blessings of Liberty,

Glenn Gallas


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